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Come Celebrate Earth Day with the Miller Community Center Garden!

Earth Day Celebration Plant Exchange! Come celebrate springtime in Seattle with fellow gardeners in your community! Share plants, seeds, tools, supplies, yard art, and knowledge! Everyone is welcome, especially new gardeners. You do not need to bring anything, but reusable or recyclable containers will help to carry away the booty.

April 18, Thursday 4:30pm-8pm
Miller Community Center Garden
330 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112

Make Reusable Bags!
Bring t-shirts, and Sustainable Capitol Hill will help you transform them into reusable bags!

Supply Drive!
FamilyWorks provides access to healthy food and parenting and life-skills resources for individuals and families in Seattle. We are collecting shelf-stable foods (especially those high in protein, such as peanut butter and canned tuna), bus tickets, feminine hygiene products, sample-sized toiletries, and diapers.

Participating Organizations Include:

  • Seattle Tilth
  • Master Composters / Soil Builders
  • The Garden Hotline
  • Seattle Farm Co-Op
  • Sustainable Capitol Hill
  • Master Gardeners

For more information, please contact or 206-395-8732.

Miller Earth Day Flyer


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Garden Sign(s), sealed, delivered.. and they’re ours.

Thank you for all those who contributed to the naming and painting of these  wonderful garden bed signs; we’re excited to share some photos!

We now have beautiful names to call them by, including: Eat Vegetables, Exclamation Point, Hermosa Herbs, Hoa, Button, Pumpkin Patch, Vampire’s Food, Kwakiutl, and many more.

To see which other names have made it, check out the Miller Garden map below.



Hermosa Herbs

Hermosa Herbs

Garden names are up!

Garden names are up!

Garden Map with bed names.
Garden Map with bed names.

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Spring into Action!

Punxsutawney Phil says that we will have an early Spring! We have so much great stuff planned for the Miller Community Center Garden already. Please read the info below, save the dates, and get ready to spring into action!

If you can attend, provide lumber, cordless or corded drills, or a post-hole digger to help with these projects, please email Sophia at

Monday, February 18 at 5:30pm: Name the Beds! Deadline for submissions.
We want to call our raised beds something a little more exciting and special than 1, 2, 3, etc. What are your suggestions for names? Email with your ideas by 5:30pm on Monday, February 18.

Wednesday, February 20 at 5:30pm: Painting Party
Based on the name suggestions we receive, we will paint the signs for the beds. We also have mini birdhouses to decorate! Find us indoors at the community center. If the weather is cooperative, we will also go work in the garden.

Wednesday, March 13 from 6pm-8:30pm: Construction Carousing
We will build potato planters and raspberry trellising! Find us indoors at the community center.

Thursday, April 18 from 4:30pm-8pm: Earth Day Celebration Plant Exchange! We will begin setup 30 minutes before the event, so volunteers who can help starting at 4pm would be appreciated!

Come celebrate springtime in Seattle with fellow gardeners in your community! Share plants, seeds, tools, supplies, yard art, and knowledge! Everyone is welcome, especially new gardeners. You do not need to bring anything, but reusable or recyclable containers will help to carry away the booty.

More info TBA.

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Raspberry Beret

No, those aren’t just sticks in the mud! Thanks to Phil in South Seattle, who kindly offered free raspberry canes, and the efforts of Steve and Sophia to acquire and plant the canes while braving the chilly January rain, the Miller Community Center Garden now has its own raspberries!

Three lovely raspberry plants from Phil in South Seattle

Three lovely raspberry plants from Phil in South Seattle

What a great way to start 2013! As for the “raspberry beret”, I think I love her… (Comment if you get it, even if you groaned because now you have that song in your head.)

You can also see some of the artwork we added to the beds in 2012. What a long way we have come from an underutilized area along the edge of a park! Stay tuned for more in 2013!

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Mason Bee Condos


Hello everyone,

Just in time for the holidays, let’s make something wonderful for the gardeners in your lives! You’re invited to make Mason Bee Condos at Miller Community Center Garden (330 19th Ave E) on Tuesday, December 18th, 3-7 p.m.

Mason bee houses attract pollinating bees, which will boost the productivity of your garden. Materials and sweet snacks will be provided by the garden.
RSVP to Sophia at Hope to see you there!

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Solstice Party!

A ten yard pile of chips, awaiting “The Spreading”

A delicious Solstice picnic dinner!

Spreadin’ Chips

After a few weeks of generally dreary weather and confused plants after a gorgeous May, the solstice turned things around in a major way and reminded us at Miller what summer was supposed to feel like! A glorious sunny day was the perfect time to spread the new wood chips that had been delivered the week before, awaiting the perfect time to permeate through the garden. At 7:30 however, there was only one person in the garden! Fortunately, she knew it was Solstice, and since the sun wasn’t going down anytime soon, that people would show up. One by one, they wandered into the garden, adding their efforts to the enormous pile that lay before them. The work was slow going at first, but thankfully Chris was able to procure a wheelbarrow for the cause, which improved efficiency several orders of magnitude. As the gardeners worked, some friends started to arrive, bearing food and games. Plates, forks, and bowls were pulled out. The pleasant ringing of badminton racket on birdie could soon be heard, amidst jubilant laughter. Then, all of a sudden, it was done! The chips had all been spread!

Enjoying visual and comestible delights in the garden

People sat down to eat the bounty that had been brought, and a delightful picnic in the park occurred right next to the garden. Apparently the solstice evoked the idea of salad, as there was rich, creamy pasta salad, a fresh green salad with sunflower seeds, a home-made hummus that smacked of lovingly stirred garbanzos, quinoa salad with a rainbow of fruits and a toasted coconut topping, and a extra rich chocolate cake that topped off the cornucopia in a spectacular way. Paired with the rich flowing conversation of what was turning into early evening after the sun finally went down, it was a splendid way to spend the longest day of the year. Join us for our next work party, and experience some of the magic!

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Introducing the new faces of Miller CC Garden

Yesterday’s meeting was very productive. We talked about the goals for the garden this summer and beyond, and there is a lot coming up to be excited about. We also started the Great Dandelion Weeding and thinned some of the seedlings coming up.

Today, June 1, marks an important transition for the garden. Elizabeth, the volunteer manager since the garden was a twinkle in the Parks Department’s eye last year, is moving to be an intern on a series of farms in northern California. Her departure opens up the opportunity for a new crew to step up and take Miller CC Garden to the next level this growing season.

We’re proud to introduce the new volunteer management team, from left: Sophia, Dana, and Alex:

Sophia has been a master volunteer since the garden’s inception last year, and thanks to her diligence we now have two compost bins on-site. Her continued support will be invaluable to the evolution of the garden, and she has a suprise project up her sleeve that will enhance the space and bring more community members in.

Dana recently relocated to Seattle from North Carolina. She has experience farming in a warm Southern climate and is looking forward to learning about how we grow in the comparatively cool PNW. She is excited to work with youth programs in the garden and will help design some better signage and a flyer to advertise the garden.

Alex studied food security and works for an environmental non-profit dedicated to preserving natural resources. Alex is looking forward to building community through the garden, and hopes to create a more solid plan for the future of the garden, including crop rotation and a more effective communications system to coordinate everyone involved.

Get ready for a summer of homegrown goods, garden art projects, and – fingers crossed – lots of SUNNY work parties.

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Where composting meets science fiction

Thanks to the diligent efforts of master volunteer Sophia, Miller Community Center Garden has not one but TWO new compost bins on-site. We call this one the Death Star:

And this is the cube: (a Star Trek: The Next Generation reference. You know, the Borg?)

This is excellent news for the garden since we’ll be able to compost all of the green waste we generate right in the garden, rather than having to take it to our respective houses. Thanks, Sophia!

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Strawberries and Potatoes

Late spring is translating into some exciting activity around the Miller Community Center Garden. We transplanted strawberries over the winter, choosing to plant them at a bad time rather than leave them in seedling cells for another few months. Luckily they took to their bed like gangbusters and are already producing some fruit!


The potatoes are coming up as well. We did our first mounding and will get to mound some more during Thursday’s work party.

ImageIt’s going to be a great growing season!

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Next Work Party: Thursday May 31, 5:00 to 7:00 pm

It’s time for the next work party! Here’s what’s on the agenda:

1) Meet the new volunteer managers of the garden
2) Discuss current projects as well as short- and long-term goals for the garden
3) Do a major de-dandelioning of the grounds

Snacks and drinks provided, as always. See you there!

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