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Strawberry Starts

Thanks to Oxbow farm and the diligent efforts of star volunteer Sophia, Miller Community Center Garden is the proud new owner of a bed of baby strawberries:

Although it’s an iffy time of year to plant strawberries, the alternative was to let these poor babies die so we took a chance. They seem happy so far and hopefully they will be fruitful next season!

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First Major Harvest

Friday’s work party was a very productive one thanks to Becca, Sophia, Laura, Nate, and Elizabeth’s efforts.

The entire grounds got a good and much-needed weeding. Most of the bolting lettuce was harvested and donated to a late-night program for teens that operates on Fridays and Saturdays. Here’s the harvest; if it looks dark, it was! We worked until the sun went down.

Here’s a bed of lettuce, mid-harvest:

The spinach was also harvested because it had been eaten completely through by some hungry bugs, but Elizabeth took it home and made a creamy spinach soup out of it- no waste there!

Soon-to-be spinach soup

More seeds were also sown, continuing down the productive winter garden path.

Laura plants round two of the radishes.

Nate plants rows of garlic

Here is the updated garden layout. The empty beds will be planted one of the student groups getting involved with the garden – more on them to come! (Click to enlarge.)

There is still more lettuce as well as Swiss chard that can be harvested, so if you’re in the area feel free to take some for yourself or for any worthy cause!


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Work Party: Friday, October 7, 5:30 pm

Hello everyone, long time no post! Sorry for the lapse, the transition from summer to fall proved a sluggish one but we’re back on track and ready to get our hands dirty some more.

If you’re available for a work and strategic session this Friday, please join us from 5:30-7:30 or any time you can make it within that window. Remember, the garden is on 20th and Republican, behind the Miller Community Center.

Snacks, drinks, and garden tools/gloves provided.

If you have any good winter seeds (radishes, kale, etc) please bring them as we still have some beds to plant.

We’ll also be talking about our needs moving forward and discuss the exciting involvement of some school groups starting in the coming weeks.

See you Friday!

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