Bamboo Trellises and Baby Beet Greens

September 14, 2011 at 2:26 pm Leave a comment

Tuesday’s work party was a skeleton crew but Sophia and Elizabeth managed to get quite a bit done. Sophia – Miller CC Garden’s Watering Fairy Godmother – watered all the beds, which are looking great. Check out these ready-to-harvest radishes after their shower:

Then we got busy building two trellises to provide a little more privacy for the neighbors and for vine crops to grow up come spring. Domino helped by chilling out in an empty bed:

After minimal trial and error (as well as a helpful lesson from Sophia in how to most effectively bind things together with twine, a lesson Elizabeth apparently never learned), two trellises adorned the two back-most beds:

There was also just enough time to thin the beets and some of the carrots. Rather than leaving all those little beet babies to die, Elizabeth took them home.

Their first use was immediate: raw in a bowl of kimchi fried rice. The rest of them will probably end up in a salad or possibly lightly stir-fried. The sky’s the limit for these microgreens!


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