Successful Work Party and Planted Beds

August 25, 2011 at 8:10 am Leave a comment

Tuesday’s work party was a huge success. We were able to fill the last of the beds with the last of the dirt, thanks to a significant assist earlier in the day by John and Art Jr. from the Parks Department:

We made light work of the rest of the pile of dirt and then got down to the fun stuff.

First, Sophia gave everyone a lesson in how to connect the key to the water supply (which she is graciously keeping at her house and using to water every other day until we have on-site storage).

Then we transplanted many of the lettuces from Bed 10 to Beds 1 and 9 so that they can all grow to be full plants. Salad party, anyone?

Only one lettuce was lost, so Elizabeth ate the first official “harvest” from the garden:

After all the lettuces were moved to their new homes, it was time to plant the other beds with seeds.

By the end of the day we had planted 6 out of the 10 beds, meeting our goal of having a winter garden planted by the end of August. Here’s a chart showing what was planted where (click to enlarge):

The remaining four beds are up for ideas, seeds, and starts: so far we’re thinking kale and garlic, plus some herbs. Other ideas for veggies that will overwinter well?

Thanks to (from left to right): Sophia, Becca, Allison, Amber, Chris and Elizabeth (not pictured) for coming out!


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