Feature Friday: Madison Market Central Co-Op

June 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm Leave a comment

You can’t get closer to the ideals espoused through community gardening than a local food co-op. One exemplary co-op is Madison Market, faithfully serving the Capitol hill area “with wholesome food produced in a way that didn’t exploit the Earth or its inhabitants” since 1978. Now that’s our kind of store.

So what is a co-op, exactly? Much like a community garden, it is an organization that is owned and run by its members. By keeping ownership local and varied, a co-op can continue to meet its original community-serving goals without such pesky interferences as a remote owner demanding higher profit margins.

Madison Market provides luscious meats and cheeses, fresh and fairly-farmed produce, a huge bulk foods and spices section, and a host of “off-the-beaten-path” ingredients impossible to find at a big-box store. Goats milk? Check. Bach remedies? Check. Every type of gluten-free flour known to man? Check, check, check. It has everything you would expect from a grocery store, just better. One enormous advantage of shopping at a co-op is you don’t have to fret over which item is the “best” to buy in terms of environmental impact: they’ve done the leg work for you.

In addition to its great food, Madison Market actively engages with the community through generous charitable donations and other community services such as its newsletter. How many business websites have a section on their website for community organizations to request a donation? And of those, how many can you expect to actually hear back from? If it’s a local organization that espouses the values of Madison Market, odds are pretty good that the organization can expect some MM love.

Shopping at Madison Market is good for you, good for the community, good for the world. And, they won’t give you any grief if you aren’t a co-op member – all community-minded shoppers welcome!


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